Traveling with your pet

Traveling with your pet

Traveling with your furry children can be difficult at times.  I recommend this for your pet. Because that will keep all their stuff together.  It keeps their food, treats, and toys all in one bag. You can purchase this at Amazon.com

My suggestion is if you are traveling with cats have a carrier, because that way they are running rapid in the vehicle.

Line the carrier with liners if you can not get a litter pan in there. When you stop check and see if there was any dropping. For a dog is different because there are many different ways you can travel with a dog.

Have a harness for your pet

If you have an SUV or a Van you can get a crate or carrier and put them in the back. Or you can have them in the back sit in a harness that you put on them and they can be buckled on to the seat of the car. You can purchase that at  Amazon.com

Please do not allow your puppy, dog, cat, and kitten be loose upfront with you while you are driving. That is dangerous and you could have an accident.

What to pack for your furry children is. Make sure that you have a blanket on the seat for the dog because of shedding hair. Make sure you have liners on the floor of the car just in case they have to go potty and you are not stopping yet. Make sure you have a harness and leash for your dog or puppy and you can put one on a cat or kitten too.

Make sure they are comfortable

Make sure you have their dishes and favorite toys, food, and their treats. You want them to feel comfortable in the car when you are traveling with them. The more comfortable the calmer they will be. You need them to be calm so they are not distracting you from your driving.

I know from experience that when we travel with our dog he would not stay still in the back seat. So we brought the harness that you can be bucked up and he doesn’t move around. Now he lays down on the seat or sits up.

Before he was moving around not settled and he almost caused an accident. We could not afford the carrier for him, so we got the harness instead and it works beautifully. You will be protected and your furry children will be protected.

If you have any questions or comments leave them on the bottom and I will be happy to help you out.

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