House breaking your pet

Housebreaking a puppy or dog

I believe the best way to housebreak a puppy or dog is laying down some puppy liners you can get them from any pet store, and they come in a package form, and they are blue or gray. These ones are great and they are super absorbent  You can purchase them Amazon.com

When they use the liner you can put them in the crate with them so they don’t mess up your floor. Praise them for doing it on the liner.

Take them outside for potty duty

Always remember to take them outside so they can get used to doing their business outside.

That would be at night time but during the day take them outside so they can do their business.

Also in doing that treat and praise them for doing something good. That way they know that what they did is right.

If you adopt a dog do the same for him as well only at night, but during the day take the dog outside and again treat and praise the dog for doing good.

That is the only way that they will know that they did something right. You can take the treat slowly away and just give them a lot of praise.

You can lay liner down for a cat too but they pretty much know to use the litter pan. I had a kitten they did not want to use the litter at all so I got the liner and put it in the crate and broke them to start using the litter pan.

Finally, the kitten started using the litter pan I just got a smaller pan for it. Those liners come in handy and they work.

If you have any questions or comments leave them on the bottom and I will be happy to help you out.

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