Special Needs Pets Rescue

There are special needs pets

There are special needs pets just like special needs humans. They have medical needs, behavioral issues, missing leg, blindness, deafness, insulin dependence and even including emotional scars too.  They need unconditional love too.

So many people when they find out that they have a special needs pet they surrender them to the shelter. Please consider special needs adoption because they need a loving home as well.

I realize that they cost money but they need just as much love as the next pet. They did not ask to become a special needs pet but they are and they need special people to take care of them too.

They are not only special needs in one way but in another way too. They show love just like any other pet can show love. If you come across a special needs pet just don’t throw them away because of their special needs, try loving them unconditionally and see what happens.

Protect them from harm

Yes, they will cost money because of their special needs but you can raise the money. There is always a way to get that money for the vet bills. There is a lot of special needs pets out in the world. They need special owners to take care of them.

Protect them as they would protect you from harm. I know that asks a lot from a pet owner but not anymore if they were not a special needs pet. You would do anything for your pet, so do it for a special needs pet.

If you go to a shelter and come across a special needs pet please consider adopting them. They too need loving homes too. They are not any different than a normal pet they just have special needs.

If you are interested in special needs pets you can also find them in foster care too. They do so much for us why can’t we do something for them. They give so much unconditional love to us why can’t we give them that unconditional love right back to them.

They are precious pets to have

They are very precious pets to have even though they may have health issues, allow them to be special pets not special needs pets. Don’t focus on the handicapped focus on them be there for them and treat them normal but tend to their special needs.

If a dog is missing a leg and they want to run let them run because they can and they will play and have fun too. If you have a pet with no use of their back legs get them wheels. They have wheelchairs for pets now.

If they are blind be their eyes and if they are deaf be their ears for them. They would do it for you so do it for them. With a blind or deaf pet will rely on other senses to get around and they can play too but in other ways.

There is alot of innovative ways for special needs pets to live a happy life.  Treat them as normal as possible like you would a human with special needs.

Do not judge these pets do the research

Do not judge these pets talk with the shelter staff or the foster care mom and talk with a vet about the conditions. Do your research about special needs pets and find out about them find out about the issues. Don’t be afraid of special needs pets.

They are first and foremost they are still a dog or cat they don’t know that they are different from other pets. It is up to their pet parents to take care of them and allow them to be as normal as possible. It doesn’t matter how they became special needs pets through birth or through the abusive previous owner, what does matter is the adoption to a loving home.

You as a new pet parent or a veteran pet parent you have a responsibly to show this special needs pet that you love them unconditionally and that you are going to take care of them from this point on and give them a loving caring home.

They are very important pets more so because they are special needs but all pets are special rather they have health issues or not. If more people would think that way we would not have animal abuse of any kind.

I think this way pets are people too. They do everything we do except talk with words but they speak in their own way. They get happy and sad, and they even get depressed as we do. They get sick as we do and they even get the same illness we get.

Basically, our furry children are no different then we are. The only difference are they have 4 paws, tails, and their hair is all over them but pretty much everything else is the same.

Appreciate your furry children

We have to appreciate our furry children, they appreciate us but we don’t ever appreciate them and they do so much for us. They are our best friend rather it be a dog or cat. So think about getting special needs pets because they are just as precious as any other pet you can have.

They always are looking for very good homes for special needs pet because of what they have been through and they won’t place them in any old home either. Of what they have been through they will be careful but that is okay because they are only looking out for the pets.

Please don’t overlook the special needs pets. They get overlooked because of their health issues and that is not right they have feeling too. They have so much love and devotion to anyone that would have them.

These pets just want love and companionship just like the rest of us and that is all we want as humans so together we can work together and bring families together with a special needs pet. Instead of them being our guardian angel we are theirs and that is a wonderful thing.


Please adopt a special need pet. you will get fulfillment like you never experience before.

Remember to adopt from your local shelter They need love too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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    April 10, 2018

    I always find it so upsetting when people give up their animals. I really feel that they are like children and I can’t even imagine how they must feel when people just “get rid of them”. There is a doctor/scientist who did studies on the awareness of animals and his findings proved that they know way more than given credit for in mainstream thinking. The scientists name is Frans de Waal and the study is called the fairness study. He originally used monkey’s but has tested many many species now. Thanks for this article, and please continue to draw awareness for us humans on the importance of the commitment involved with getting a pet.

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      Mary Brown

      April 10, 2018

      Yes, it is dishearting about the special needs pets. People just don’t understand pets they have feeling too. And they feel sad too when they are given up and they see that their family pick another pet. I have seen for myself that these pets are hurt and lonely all they want is love and a forever home. That is why I did my site was to make people aware of these pets. Thank you for the kind words and I will keep posting what I can to make people aware of these pets. I just want to empty out the shelter because I don’t want to see another pet be put to sleep for any reason.

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