Showing your pets as hobby or as a career

Showing your pets as a hobby or career

Showing you dogs and cats can be a hobby or career. What that means is you can show you cats as household pets but pure breeds dogs and cats that are shown that becomes somewhat of a career for the owners.

Showing a purebred dog or cat means you can win money, ribbons, and trophies. As a purebred dog or cat, you can’t have them spayed or neuter because you are breeding for another generation of that breed.

You can sell the puppies or kitten at a high price meaning that for hundreds or even thousands of dollars you can get for these pets and expand the generation line.

You have to think about this the same way in horse shows the only difference is the horses go for thousands and up in price depending on the owner and what they feel the horse is worth in the line of generations.

That is the whole thing in the nutshell. It is the generation line and who is who in that line.  Meaning the mother and the father and who their parents were and on down the line.

The differences between household and purebreds

Where with household pets category and the mixed breeds category you don’t have to worry about the generation line because there is no generation line to worry about. And besides, you can get them spayed and neuter to prevent and other kittens or puppies from being born.

Now in the cat show, you have the household pets category where you just win the ribbons and a trophy and that is it.  I believe that you only have the purebreds for the dog shows. I don’t ever remember them having a mixed breed category in the AKC show.

The different groups for shows

For you that don’t know what (AKC) stands for it is the American Kennel Club.  For the (CFA) which is the Cat Fanciers Association. These and many more clubs and association hosts these shows to bring these pets into the limelight and see what they can do for their generation line.

It is amazing the people that participate in these clubs and associations which I have nothing against them because I had belonged to the CFA. I had fun and enjoyed myself. We didn’t have the pressure on us as the purebred owners did.

These owners made connections at these shows to get together with each other and possibly breed their cats and or dogs together to see what kind of generation lines would come out. It would be the same breed of course because if they mixed the breeds then that is how you get a mixed breed cat or dog. That would mess up the line then.

They also talk about going to other shows to see how they would do too. You do a lot of traveling for the cat and dog shows across the country. And you do spend the money to do this shows as well.

If you work you would need to take time off even though the shows are on the weekends but you need time to get there and hotel or motels cost food, and the vendors you would want to buy something from them too.

The different trophies and ribbons

There is a lot that goes into these show that the public doesn’t realize. They come and look at your pets and admire them and congratulate you on winning but the work that goes into it is a lot. I know from personal experience.

My cat was adopted from our local shelter of course. Clean him up and started showing him and he won forty-seven ribbons and the Morris the cat trophy. That was a lot of work on our part and his part too.

The stress levels of showing your pets

You also have to realize these pets are handled by the judges in the cat show so their anxiety is high and being under the lights and a strange place that too has a lot to do with their anxiety.

With the dog show, they are only handled by one person being seen by different judges under the hot lights and touch by the judges so basically these pets are under stress as well.

As far as there stress level and anxiety level goes it is running high too. You are just right up there along with them too. Because you are nervous about being chosen and handling your pet they pick up on it and that just drives their sense up.

So you see it can be very fun and exciting but it also can be very stressful too. All I can say is if you choose to show your pets in any kind of show be sure this is what you want to do because like I said it can be a hobby or a career your choice.

I hope that you make it a hobby because you have more fun at it and it can be relaxing at times too.

Remember to adopt from your local shelter. They need love and homes too.

If you have ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more then happy to help you out.

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