For the cat lovers

For the cat lovers of the world

I haven’t forgotten the cat lovers in the world. There are just as much of cat lovers as dog lovers. So I am dedicating a page for cats only. I have done dogs and now it is the cat’s turn.

I love both cats and dogs. I have raised both in my lifetime so I know just about the same for both. Now for the cats, they are finicking pets they don’t like to be bothered as dogs do.  When they want attention they come to you.

For kittens that is a different story, they like the attention as much as you can give them. They enjoy getting the fuss over them because they are babies. It is only when they grow up they change and they are self-sufficient.

For kittens, I give them can food and then as they grow I start introducing them to dry food. Then when they are full grown it is dry food.

Always keep their dry food and water dishes full and their litter pans clean and they are fine.

Cats are very independent pets they like to be loners when they want to be and friendly when they want to be.

Cats that don’t like toys

My cats don’t like scratching posts or pet condos or anything like that they don’t even like toys. I bought them the best of everything and they prefer plastic bags and boxes over anything else.

I stopped wasting money and just gave them bags and boxes to play with. They would hide in the bags and boxes and jump out and scare me. That was their fun for the day.

Cats can be very funny and playful when they want to be but when they want to be left alone they go off on their own and hide and sleep. My one cat doesn’t hide she just go to sleep where she is at. My male is in a bedroom and he hides under the bed and comes out when I call him.

Both of my cats are affectionate and I have never seen cats affectionate before. They give kisses and cuddle with me. As long as I have had cats they never did this kind of thing. They always did their own thing. This is something very different for me. The cats that I have had all my life did their own thing.



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