Fake Service/Guide Dogs

Be aware of fake service/guide dogs

There are fake service dogs who are being allowed in public facilities, and the real service dogs are getting band from the public facilities. There are too many phony service dogs getting away with it. This situation bothers me because they are ruining for the ones that need it.

These dogs that are not service dogs is making harder for real service dogs. These fake service dogs don’t have vests on and they bark, they are not well behaved. Whereas a service dog has a vest with a harness on and they don’t bark.

Service dogs getting the short end of the stick

Service dogs are getting the short end of the stick with everything. They are having a hard time getting into the stores, restaurants, and especially the airlines. You have to show them papers saying that you actually have a legitament service dog.

Anymore the service dogs must wear a vest and have on their vest do not touch, do not pet, and service dogs are working. You can purchase the service vest from.  Amazon.com

Make sure that your dog is healthy and not overweight and they have all their shots that are a must. You take care of them they will take of you.

Make sure that he/she gets their exercise that they need as well as a place to run and play. They work hard and they need to play hard too. They also need to relax after working hard.

Exercise our rights as the disabled

We have to show the public that we are not going to be intimidated by this rash behavior because of fake service dogs. We as disabled people we have rights too and we are going to exercise those rights.

We have to show the public that service dogs/guide dogs are not bad animals. I can’t call them pets because they are not pets they are working dogs.

Miscarriage of justice

These fake service dogs are really doing the disable people a miscarriage of justice. How is the disabled person supposed to live if they can’t take their service dog/guide dog with them? They have to have them with them each and every day that is how they live a life that is difficult.

The disable need these dogs to live as much of a normal life as possible. Without these dogs, the veterans would be in mental and physical trouble because they would not have a dog to save their lives.

These service/guide dogs help prevent suicide because they have something to work on and it is these dogs. The dogs and their handler become one and that is how they work so well together.

It is not fair that these people can get away with fraudulent practices of service/guide dogs. The best part is they cannot answer the questions or have proof that the dog that is with them is a service/guide dog.

More information on fake service dogs

I got more information on fake service dogs is on the rise and it makes hard for the real service dogs. You now have to carry your papers with you where ever you go now. That is not how it should be. Before you did not have to carry papers with you.

I am waiting for more information on this subject. I will keep you inform of this terrible situation as I get the information. Keep checking back from time to time to see the new information.

I have new information the fake service dogs are therapy and emotions dogs. The handlers are passing them off as service dogs. I have seen this personally the person said they had papers but the person did not produce them to show that dog was indeed a service dog.

The dog did not have a service dog vest on either and no indication saying that it was a service dog. All this person kept saying that it was a service dog. Remember one thing if you don’t remember anything else.

When you have a service dog always and I can’t stress this enough carry your papers with you at all times that way you can produce them and you should not have any problems getting into a public place.

I don’t’ want to see anyone that has a service dog have any problems at all with there working dog. If you should have a problem then call the ADA for help. They will step in and let the public know that it is against the law to stop a service dog from entering a public area.

Where to get a service/guide dog

Most important where to get a service/guide dog is from a shelter and have them training in a facility. You can research where to get the dog trained. We have changed the training facilities we found another closer to our house and they train the dog for 1 month. They board the dog for the training duration of the time

They are coming to pick the dog and take him to the facility for training and in 1 month we will get him back all trained for service. We got him back and he is fully trained as a service dog now.

I also wanted to add that therapy and emotional dogs and not service dogs but service dogs are can be both therapy and emotional dogs. The training is not the same for therapy and emotional dogs and one more thing is they don’t have the access like service dogs have.

The training for therapy or emotional dogs is just that they get trained for what they are needed for. Where a service dog get trained for everything that is the better deal of just getting therapy or emotional dog.

In essences, it is better to get a service dog than just therapy or emotional dog because they have access to everywhere that is the differences.

Remember to adopt from your local shelter. They need love and homes too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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    October 10, 2018

    Hi Mary, Awesome site you have here. A ton of information. I did notice that you remarked that service dogs wear a vest. I live in Florida and have a neighbor that has a service dog, but it gets to hot for him to wear his vest. He is well mannered and doesn’t bark. Just wanted to give you some info. Thanks for your time. Bruce

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      Mary Brown

      October 11, 2018

      Thank you for your comment I really appreciate that. Yes, I would recommend that your neighbor carries their paperwork with them so they can prove that it is a legitimate service so they don’t get a rough time about it. Because with people or trying to pass off therapy and emotional support dogs off as service dogs they should carry something with them at all times. I am just as for a suggestion you can go on Amazon.com through my site and order a collar tag that says service dog on it that will help out too. Just have some identification on the service dog letting know that indeed he/she is a service dog.

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