Exercising and training your pet

Exercising and training your pet is important

Exercising and training your pet is important. You have to exercise and train your puppy or your dog every day to be consistent that is the key.

That is why you need a strong collar, harness, gentle lead, and leash. You can take them out to the park with a lead leash and let them run to burn the energy up. Especially puppy because they have alot of energy to burn up.

This way you can start to train them too. That would be a start and if you don’t think you can do that then only if you can afford it take the puppy or dog to obedience training or hire a trainer to come to the house and train the puppy or dog.

Adopted pets need training

If you happen to adopt a dog you most definitely need to have training done with the dog and yourself because you don’t know what that dog has been through. That way you know that the dog will behave for you. Now you are now a pet parent for your puppy or dog.

A puppy is different to train because you are starting with a clean slate. You are starting from the beginning with a puppy. With a dog, they have some kind of obedience just go over the basics with them because you are looking to see what they do know and what you have to work on.

Always remember to have treats with you so you can give them a reward them for doing good. You always want to have something like cheese or hotdogs or some kind of package treats for them.

They need to learn right from wrong. They have to learn when they are doing wrong so they don’t do it again. Ask your trainer about discipline because you want to keep things on the right track and in line with the training schedule.

I realize you only want the best but remember your budget and what you can afford to do. This is something fun and they will get exercise too and not realize it.  You can purchase this at  Amazon.com

They have a mind and personality of their own

They do have a mind of there own but they have individual personalities and they become stubborn and do what they want to do, but keep on them remember you are the boss they are not. You have to keep control of the dog or puppy.

Once they are trained you have a good dog or puppy. Remember the dog or puppy has a short attention span so you can only train for so long in a day. I would say train them at least twice a day for fifteen to twenty minutes that’s all.

Consistent, Consistent, Consistent

You have to be consistent with the dog or puppy. Consistency is the key to all success with a puppy or dog.  I know that it will be frustrating at first but keep with it, because they will get it. It’s going to take patience’s and love but they will get it.

The puppy or dog may surprise you and get it on the first try but keep repeating it so they don’t forget it. Once they get what you want them to do reward them with a treat of some kind to let them know that they did right.

You have to keep in mind that puppies and dogs have short attention spans do keep it fun for them too I know that it is hard but you have to be creative so they will get whatever you are teaching them.

You can teach old dogs new tricks

You can teach an old dog new tricks. It takes determination, consistency, patience, dedication. This will follow under training your dog. You can teach a dog anything you want them to learn.

Yes, you can teach your dog to ring a bell when he/she has to go out for potty time.  You have to place bells around the doorknob or get a bell and place it on a stand of some sort.

Show the bells to your pet and ring them so they get used to the sound of the bells. Then what you do is every time the dog rings the bells or jingles them you treat him/her. That way they know they did something right.

You want to keep this up on consistent bases. Always have a treat than when they start doing it on their own have a jackpot treat ready something special they don’t always get. Something like cheese, hot dogs, chicken, or even turkey.

Be consistent with your dogs

As long as you be consistent with the dog he/she will learn how to jingle or ring the bells once they do that you start taking away the treat and use praise instead. Always make a big fuss over what they do because that tells them that they did something right.

To let you know you can teach a dog to turn a light on,  medication,  your wallet, cell phone, even your keys. Those are just some of the things you can teach a dog to do.

So don’t ever say again you can’t teach an old dog new tricks because you can. I can’t stress this enough to be consistent, determine, patience, and dedication to that dog. I  would not recommend using a clicker because it is possible that your pet will get used to that and they will expect it all the time.







Remember to adopt for your local shelter. They need love and homes too.

If you ever need a hand or have questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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    April 4, 2018

    Thank you for this post, there is good information for everyone who have or are planning on getting a dog.

    Having a puppy of my own I know how hard it can be to train them and you are very right they do have a mind of their own and love to do their own things.

    Although my dog is small he still likes to pull on the lead so I tend to use a harness on him because I don’t like to think that he could hurt his neck when when we are out.

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      April 4, 2018

      Not only get a harness but also a gentle lead that goes over the nose. That will really help with his walking and he won’t pull at all. He will fuss with it because he won’t wanted across his nose. Just tell him to stop and continue to walk since he is a puppy that is a good start with him and he might even get use to it too. 

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    Mary Brown

    April 10, 2019

    Mojalefa Ralekhetho
    May 16, 2018
    I have often wondered whether it is possible to teach or pets to give us an indication when they need to respond to the call of nature, rather than us determining when to take them for a walk, especially dogs.

    Mary Brown
    May 16, 2018
    Like I said in the post you can teach your dogs to ring or jingle bells to let you know when they have to go outside. As for walks, you can teach them to get their leash too and bring it to you. There are many different things you can teach your dog to do. You just have to be consisted and determine to teach your pet. A dog does not stop learning as long as we are teaching them different things to do. Right now myself and my husband is training his service dog to do many different things for my husband because he is a diable vet so it can be done. I hope this helps you out

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