2018 American Rescue Dog Show

Dog shows are different from cat shows. The dog shows are hosted by the American Kennel Club and their criteria are very strict. They have a lot more different groups. What I mean by that is they go by the breed of the dog and that is how they have them in groups.

We now have a new dog show called American Rescue Dog Show that is held in Los Angels. This just started this year to help stop pet homelessness.

These dogs comes from shelters, rescue organizations and take ins. They have several rescue foundations that care for these pets.

The different categories

They pick out 2000 dogs that consist of purebreds and mixed breeds and narrow it down to 52 dogs. They have 10 semi-finalists rounds with the 10 cutest categories such as.

Best in Snoring     Best in Talking    Best in Listening  Best in Kissing

Best in Senior Dog      Best in Underbite     Best in Couch Potato

Best in Special Needs     Best in Wiggle Butt     Best in Fetching

The prizes they win

In the first 10 semi-finalists rounds whoever wins they get a silver platter and $5.000 to go to their shelter or rescue organization and in the 10 finalists they pick one and they get a silver trophy along with $25.000 that also goes to the shelter or rescue organization.

Please consider adoption because there are 2.4 million pets that get put down every day because the shelters are overcrowded. To prevent that rescue organization step in taking some of the pets and find foster homes and or forever homes to help out with the overcrowding at the shelters.

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