Different toys for different breeds of dogs

Different toys for different breeds of dogs

Different toys for different breeds of dogs. If you stop and think about toys for your furry children you get the regular old toys. Balls, stuffed animals, old socks to play tug of war with them.

You never thought about their size and the weight of your furry child you have. There are different toys for different breeds of dogs. I am going to show you examples of the toys for the different breeds of dogs.

This way you know for sure what kind of toys to buy for your furry child and you won’t have problems with them taking your shoes or socks to chew on.

The durable toys for dogs

These toys are durable and they last hopeful depending on how aggressive they are. You just have to be careful about the type of toys you buy. Yes, you could go to the pets store and get toys from there. The salesperson may or may not know what you need for your furry child. Amazon.com

These are the toys that I could recommend for your furry child to play with and it will give you ideas on what to get them. For instances when you buy bones get them the rawhide bones because they are safer and they last longer than other bones.

The rawhide bones good for dogs

The rawhide bones are for the medium to large dogs. For the smaller dogs, you can the smaller rawhide bones for them to chew on. The rawhide bones are a good choice for any dogs to chew on. Amazon.com


The bones will help with cleaning the teeth and keeping them strong as well. I would also keep in mind that rawhide bones are the better bone because they don’t break off and splinter so your furry child can’t choke on them.

You can get the rawhide bones that you can fill with peanut butter that way they would have something to eat with the bone. I would recommend the Dental Stix for keeping the teeth clean and keeping their breath fresh.

I will tell you it is about $3,000 to take your dog to the vet dentist and that is really expensive if you are living on a budget. So it is well worth getting these bones to save you on dental bills. These bones will keep their teeth clean and their breath smelling fresh all at the same time.

The best toys are the kong

Now I recommend the Kong toys for your furry children because they can be frozen with treats inside of them and you cover the holes with peanut butter and from my experience my service dog goes crazy over it. Amazon.com


There are many Kong toys to choose from it is hard to decide which one to buy. I recommend going through Amazon.com because it will be cheaper than going to a pet store. I know this from experience. I have priced these Kong toys and that is what I found to be true.

I am going to give you many choices in toys for your furry children to pick from. So no worries about what to get for them. This will give you many ideas and different things to play with them with.

I know that the budget is balanced for you but you can buy one toy at a time and then you will have successfully have many toys for your furry child. You want to buy a variety of toys that you can afford to get because you are on a budget.

The toybox to keep toys in

I also would recommend a netted laundry bag or a baby toy basket either one will work to put their toys in so they are not all over the place where someone would step on them and possibly hurt themselves. It is cheaper to do it that way instead of buying a bulky toy box for them.  Amazon.com


Now, remember you have to go by the size of your furry child so you can get the right toys for them. With a puppy or a dog, you have to go by their size to get the right toys and bones for them. You don’t want to give a big dog a small bone and have them choke on it.

This is so fun because you will have toys for your furry child to play with without spending a whole lot of money at one time. Buy over time that way you won’t have a big bill all at once.

Get a  baby laundry/toy basket it is great because it has a drawstring on it and it is a neuter color so it will blend in the decor of your home and when you have friends and family over they won’t even notice it.

They won’t even know what is in it once the drawstrings are pulled together. That is why this item is so great to have in your home. It will keep all the toys together and you won’t trip over them and get hurt. They would be all in one place and that way your house would be spotless.

You will have a great time buying for your new furry child because it probably will be your first pet on your own and you will be excited for the companionship and friendship that only a pet can give unconditionally.

I recommend doing alot of research about furry children that way you know what you are getting into and this furry child won’t be left high and dry again. I am talking about what food to get them and what toys to buy for them that way you are not just winging it. Not unless you have has furry children before.

This is great to have a furry child because you are giving them a loving home and most of all love them unconditionally and give them plenty of attention. That is what they are looking for and they will bond with you and love you unconditionally.

Remember to adopt from your local shelter. They need love and homes too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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