Best interactive toys for cats

 Best interactive toys for cats 

The best interactive toys for cats has something at the end of the stick, and they also have a two in one set for cats now, and you can purchase at Amazon.com 

Toys for cats are so interactive toys that the kittens and cats get hours of enjoyment of them. Especially catnip toys they go crazy over that kind of stuff. Cats usually like to play by themselves unless they are in the mood to play with their siblings.


They have hours of enjoyment playing with their siblings or even by themselves. It just depends on what toy they might be playing with. It is up to you because if they don’t have a sibling, they would like to play with you, so you have to keep them entertained till they get tired out and go to sleep.

There is a variety of different toys that you can purchase for them. I have a few examples that you may be interested in. They are all good toys for a kitten or a cat.

So if this is your first time with a kitten or a cat you are not sure what to buy for it. You go to the pet store, and you become overwhelmed with all the different items that are available.

The starter kits for your new pets

The sales people are no help they are just out to sell their product. They do try to help but no such luck with that. You get food, and that in its self is overwhelming too. You get the litter pan starter kit which is excellent, and you can purchase the whole package from.  Amazon.com

B0002ASCG2That is a start anyway back to the toys. You look at the toy mice, and that scares you just thinking about having one of those in your house, so you pass on that. Then you look at the balls, but they don’t seem right to you, so you move on that as well.

Then all the other toys are not worth looking at, so you decide not to buy any right now. You start thinking about going on the internet and see what is available there.

You find different options that a better and cheaper than the pet store. You also find food and litter pans too that are cheaper, but you didn’t know so don’t worry about that now.

Keep what you have and look for the toys so other time. You find a better quality of toys, better prices, and they all ship for free. You decided to go ahead and buy different toys that you think that the kitten will play with.

You type in Kong toys for cats because of a friend of your has a dog, and they buy the Kong toys for their furry child, so you decide to try that and see what you come with.

The different toys for cats

You come to find out that they have a better selection of toys for your new kitten. They have stuff animals, catnip toys, an active treat toy; they have tennis balls with bells, that is to name a few things. You can purchase all these and more at  Amazon.com

So you start having fun in ordering the different toys, and then you remember it is only a baby and cat play with certain toys right now, but then again you can order these toys and put them away till the baby gets older.  Amazon.com

That is a great idea because now you won’t have to buy any more toys for the cat only because you already did. Now the next question is what to do with all the toys when she is done playing with them. You will need something to put the toys in so they are not all over the place.

This ball is perfect for a kitten or a cat because when they roll the ball, the food will come out of it and that would be their treat, and they would enjoy that so much. They would play with that for hours on end and never get bored with it until there is no more food.

Toybox for your pets toys

I am going to have to get a basket of some sort to put all these toys in, and that way they will be in one place and I can find them. I will find something, but I don’t know what. Amazon.com


It sounds crazy to have a toy box for your furry child, but it works because then their toys are not scattered all over the place where you could trip or step on them and get hurt.

You are a pet parent, and you have to treat them as such as your furry child. This way their toys are up out of the way, and you won’t get hurt on them. And when they want a toy, you can give it to them.

Or if they are smart which they are they can probably get the toy themselves. You never know what a cat or dog will do. And the product up above you can wash it and keep it clean. That way all their toys are in one place and one area. This will help you out in the long run by having something like this for them.

Once you get the hang of it cats and kittens are pretty easy to buy for. Any furry child is easy to buy for, once you know what you are looking for and what you need for them.

I highly recommend this for toys because it will not draw attention when you have friends or family over it is very discreet. You can put it in the corner, and it will blend in with you decore. The best part is it has drawstrings to close it up, so no one will ever know that there are toys in it.


Remember to adopt from your local shelter. They need love and homes too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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