Cat Fanciers Association Cat Show

Cat shows are an experience worth doing

Cat shows are an experience that is worth doing. I was a member of the Cat Fanciers Association and it was great. I learn a lot about caring for a cat through going to shows.

There was definitely pure breeds that were worth a lot of money. They were treated like Queens and Kings and they not only showed them but they were also used for breeding purposes.

Cat show divisions purebred and household

And then there was household pets division which that is what I showed my cats under. Mostly they were mixed breeds and some pure breeds that were either spayed or neuter for non-disclosure purposes.

To be ready to show any cat or kitten they had to have their shots, groomed in terms of nails clipped, fur cleaned and brush and not shedding, ears cleaned.

At any given show there was up to at least 300 hundred cats if not more under one roof at a time. These cat shows are big and they are fun. You meet different people from different walks of life and that was what made the cat shows fun.

Two-day cat show Saturday and Sunday

Usually, they are two-day shows and that would on a Saturday and Sunday. I have never known a cat show to be going on during the week. You get to meet the judges and you get know them on their judge’s styles and what they expect.

My cat was a male we had adopted him through the human society and he was gray, cream, and white. No male cat can carry three colors for some reason it has to do with genetics. Only the females can carry more than one color.

His name was Sir Lance and we showed him as he won 47 ribbons and one year he had one the Morris the Cat trophy. He was an abused cat but we showed him love and kindness and he came around slowly.

Lance was the best cat that I ever had in my life. The judges went crazy over him. They always chose him in the finals he did well for himself. He died but we gave him a good life.

Cat Fanciers shows and magazine

I would recommend highly that you get involved with the Cat Fanciers and how you do that is order the magazine and you can find the shows in the back of the magazine.

It is something that can be done singly or as a family hobby. I know that as long as I did for it was fun. Not only do you meet other people you have the vendors that sell everything from jewelry to scratching posts. You can purchase this cat condo from Amazon.com at a reasonable price. This is better climbing on this than on your furniture.

Yes, it can get expensive but pick and choose where you want to show your cat. You can show a cat on a budget. We did and we had no problems with going to the shows.

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