Cat condos are better than furniture

Product Description: Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62 in. High

 The place to Purchase it: Amazon.com

Product Specifications:

Color Beige Overall Size 38-inch W/27-inch L/62-inch H

Base Board Size: 26 W x 19 L inches

Size of Condo: 10.5 inches Dia x 12.5 inch H

Size of Top Perch : 13.25 inch W x 13.25 inch L x 2.75 inch H

Product Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Overview of the Product

Like this cat condo because it is carpeted and the cats can scratch on it and not damage it. It also has a place where the cats can lay down on it and go to sleep and not be bothered. It will also save your furniture in the long run because they have something to play on.

Benefits of the Product 

Cat trees promote exercise, giving your kitty a good place to climb up and down, run around and just be as active as they want to be. They won’t go on the furniture and scratch it all up.

Get it while they are kittens so they can get used to it, and that is their place to play and lay down on. I do recommend getting a cat condo because it is the best activity for them. This is something that will keep them busy for hours on end.

And they will sleep better because of the activeness on the condo. 

They can play hide and seek in the little cubby holes and then there is a rope that they can swing back and forth and there is a small hammock at the bottom and then there is cup type bed for them to lay in.

It comes in different colors besides beige, black, blue, and brown so you could match it with your living room or if you have a special room for them you can match the color scheme.





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