Bonding Pets Together as One

Pets bond with each other

Pets not only bond to humans but they also bond with each other. If there had been where a mom dog has nursed a kitten and they became the best of friends because of the bond of nursing.

And there have been cases of other puppies bonding with a different mom dog because of their mom either died or abandoned them. There had been also a case of Cats nursing puppies if there was not another mother dog that was available.

There have been dogs bonding with each other and they have to be adopted together because they will be heartbroken with other each other. They are what I call partners in crime because they do everything together. They play, eat and sleep together and that is something special.

Pets that are really attached to their human parents

There have been so many cases where a pet will bond with a human and stay with that person for the rest of there life. Even if the person dies the pet will be heartbroken because that person will not be back ever again and the bond is so strong that it the pet will go to the cemetery and lay on the grave.

There has been a horse that went to a funeral of its owner and lay their head down on the casket.  There was a woman that went to church every Sunday and the dog went with her and when she died the dog continue to go to the church and lay down on the side of the altar.

The bond is just so strong that it cannot be broken and it is sad that when there is such a bond that life happens. People have to stop and realize that these pets have strong feelings for each other and for humans.

The Happy but also sad story

This story may have a happy ending if humans take the time to understand their pets. We can always understand a human baby Our pets may not be able to talk like us, but they still communicate to us they talk in their own way, and we have to make an effort to really understand what they want.

You know there are more sad stories than happy stories, and I want to see happier stories than sad stories. Cause these pets go through a lot for us and we need to do the same for them. So if they have a partner in crime then we accept both of them.

We cannot separate bonding pets because they would be lost without the other. When the bond together especially in a shelter they go together. I know that seems alot to ask when you adopt a pet and you find out that they have a friend but you can’t separate them.

They will be sad and they could even die without each other that is why it is so important to consider adopting both of them. You have to consider both of them because what I say is true. The bond is strong between pets. It doesn’t matter if it is two dogs or two cats or even a dog and a cat and it doesn’t matter the size either.

It really doesn’t matter the bond is there and you don’t want to break that bond. I realize that is alot to take in but you are getting two pets for the price of one. You have alot of love enough for two pets besides that is one less pet that will be killed in the shelter.

The surprise of bonding pets

You would be surprised to see the bonds that are made between animals. They seem stronger than that between humans. I have never seen anything like it before. Pets have something more than we do as humans I haven’t figure it out yet but I will keep you posted on that.

Pets are special and they have special qualities about them and when you go to the shelters look for bonding pets because you will have double the enjoyment with two pets instead of one.

You just don’t know what you will come across in the shelter and check it out you will get a surprise when you do. So please I can’t emphasize enough not to split up bonding pets take both of them and don’t overlook them either.


Remember to adopt from your local shelter. They need love and homes too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help.

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