Adopt from ASPCA

Adopt from the shelters

With the ASPCA they get a lot of dogs and cats in the shelter. A lot of the shelters here in the United States are high killer shelters unless we start adopting from them. I would hate to see any animal get put to sleep.

That is why I am saying go to a shelter and adopt a kitten, puppy, dog or cat.

They need homes too.  There is too many cats and dogs on the street because their owners don’t want them anymore.

Before you solidly decide to adopt make sure you really think this through before you go to the shelter to get a pet, I don’t want to see any more homeless pets on the streets. Make real sure you really want to do this.

Be patient with your new pet

Now, remember when you go an adopt you have to be patient with the pet because you don’t know what they been through. Also, find out about the pet first because if they are special needs make sure you really want them.

No matter if they are special needs or not make sure you really want the pet because please they will be heartbroken after getting used to you they have feelings too. These pets need a forever home.

You don’t know what the circumstances are behind why they are at the shelter in the first place. All I can say is give the dog, cat, puppy, and kitten a lot of love and remember patience goes a long way.

Like a said in my other post get them training that way they will be well behaved. The cats have a mind of their own so you don’t have to worry about them as much. Just the dogs you have a concern with their behavior.

Don’t buy a pet adopt a pet

You will be fine with an adopted pet then spending hundreds of dollars for a  dog or cat. This way you are giving them a loving home. Make sure of their shots and you get them spayed or neuter you don’t want more puppies or kittens so we can prevent it from happening.

My personal experience with the Humane Society is I had adopted an older cat. He was abused and we had to be patient with him. He became our show cat with the Cat Fanciers. He was a grey, white, and cream cat. No male has three colors but he did.

So adopting from the ASPCA is a good idea. Because these dogs and cats need love too. So please adopt a pet they need a good loving home.

Please support your local shelter by donating old blankets, dishes, food, and litter or anything else you can think of to donate. Because these shelters need help too.

Home rescue or Foster care

Now we also have a loving home rescue that is better know as foster care for pets. They also need our support too. Because they too find forever homes for these pets as well.

Also in the shelter, you have bonding pets. What that means is that either two dogs or a dog and cat will pair That is when two pets pair up in the shelter for comfort. More or less they have been through the same or similar situations.

Adopt into a loving home

When you adopt a puppy or kitten make sure this is what you want to do.  If you are not ready to handle the responsibility do not do it.

Yes, puppies and kittens are cute and lovable, but you do not want to get them and then you change your mind. You want to be sure about something like this. It does not even have to be a puppy or kitten or could be a dog or cat. Remember that they have feelings too.

They become attached to you as you become attached to them. Don’t hurt them and they won’t hurt you. Too much abandonment and abuse with dogs and cats and puppies and kittens please don’t do that.

Only adopt when you are ready because I want to make sure that you give them a happy and loving home. That is what important to me as a pet parent.

Loyal pets to loyal pet parents

Pets are loyal to their pet parents and it is unbelievable how they take care of us  They are rewarding to us but we as humans take them for granted and that is wrong.

We can no longer take our pets or furry children if you will for granted. I call them our furry children because they acted like our children and that is an awesome thing.

We have to love them take of them and watch out for them. Don’t leave them alone in a car hot or cold weather because they can die either way. Don’t leave them outside chained up in the hot or cold weather either. Make sure they have plenty of food and water.

Don’t mistreat them in any way. They are your furry children take care of them. They take of us, so we need to return the favor. They want our love and we need to show them, that love.


Remember to adopt from your local shelter. They need love and homes too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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    March 28, 2018

    I love the message your website is trying to get across to everyone out there. It is true that there are so many animals that are abandoned or taken to the shelter for one reason or another. If someone is looking to get a dog or cat, they should consider adopting because those animals really need someone to love them. Patience is the key when adopting an animal because like you said, you really don’t know what they have been through.

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      Mary Brown

      March 31, 2018

      I wanted to thank you for the kind words and getting the meaning of what I was trying to say. This cause is important to me because so many pets are being put down and that is unnecessary. We need to push harder for the adoption of pets because they need loving homes too.

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    C. Allan Hunsinger

    October 21, 2018

    I love your website. My girlfriend and I rescued a Springer Spaniel close to a year ago from a family that was getting ready to take it to an animal control center. After seeing a picture of our dog, I decided to get her. This has turned out to be the best decision. She is almost 6 years old, very loving, great with my 8-year-old daughter, was already potty trained, and most importantly she listens to commands. She is has become a loving member of our little family.

    Your website provides such valuable information and will be coming here often.

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      Mary Brown

      October 21, 2018

      I am so happy that you had adopted a dog and that it had been the best decision you ever made. The springer spaniel is very good dogs. They are closely related to the cocker spaniel. That is really great that she listens to commands, she must have been trained by the previous owner. She will take good care of your family. I am not saying all dogs will do this but some dogs have a hard time in there new home and have accidents. I am truly happy to hear that she is potty trained and that she has come accustomed to the new surrounding. That is great that she is well trained. I am also happy to hear that she gets along with your daughter too and that she gets along with your other dog too that is great. I am also happy to hear that she has become a loving member of your little family that is awesome. You made an excellent choice in adopting this dog and that is awesome. I am so happy that you will be visiting my site again and that you found it informative. I am trying to find subjects that people would like to see on the site. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment and I welcome you back soon. Best wishes with the new member of your family.

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