Pet insurance that is right for you

The types of insurance

There are many types of insurance for pets. What I mean is that is insurance for dogs and cats insurance along with exotic animal insurance as well. You have to pick the right insurance for you.


You can apply for the insurance online but first I would advise you get a quote from the insurance companies first.

I have a few insurance companies that offer pet insurance to the public.

Here is the list of insurance companies that I have found but there are others but these names are more popular companies for insurance.

Some of these names you may know and some you might not know but choose to do your homework and budget for the insurance but I would advise you to cover your dog or cat.

Healthy Paws, Pet Plan, Embrace, Nationwide, Figo, Pet First, Pet Best, ASPCA, Geico.

I have gotten quotes from just a couple of these companies to see what the insurance would cost. What I found is it varies from the breed to the age of the pet that you have.

I only checked on the dog part of the insurance because we have the service dog. I have two cats but in the situation, we are we have to cover the dog first. I did get some really great quotes.


I will be honest that some of them are a little expensive but some of them are quite reasonable. You have to pick what you want in the insurance as far as your annual max, annual deductible, and your reimbursement is.

Each one is different on what you want the coverage to be. It goes by age and breed of the dog and cat so just be able to budget this into your budget so you can afford to have it.

The insurance helps with medical bills that are expensive costs that way you really don’t pay anything out of pocket. You also have to see what they cover as far as. The ASPCA cover these things on there insurance plans  Accidents, Dental Disease, Behavioral Issues, Illnesses, Hereditary Conditions.

So you really have to look at the coverage closely so you can get what you need for your pet.

The insurance company so what I have found out so far no all pet insurance gives both Accident/Preventive care. You have to do the research and be picky about which insurance you choose because you want exactly what you need and what you can afford.

The most important question of all is how old you can cover your pet is for dogs and cats. The recommended age is between 6 to 8 weeks of age.

I recommended that you check out ASPCA insurance because they give you a choice on your plans and you can design your plan the way you want. That is the key to picking the right insurance is to be able to choose the right plan.

Get insurance for your pet domestic or exotic you should have them covered because you don’t know what can happen from a preventive care to accident or illnesses.


You don’t know what can happen and we hope that nothing happens but you want to be prepared.  It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. That is my advice to you.

It is an added cost but it is a cost that is needed because things happen and you want to be protected. You want to have a healthy pet for a long time.



If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Top 10-15 breeds of dogs that can not be left alone

That can’t or won’t tolerate being alone

There are between 10 to 15 breeds of dogs that can’t be left alone or can’t tolerate being alone. We have no underlying reason why it is just that they don’t like being alone. They have to be with you or someone at all times.

That is hard when you have to go to work and have to leave them alone for long periods of time. My best advice if you choose one of these breeds to be sure this is what you want because once you get this particular breed, there is no going back.

These are purebred dogs and they can be mixed breeds as well. With them being mixed breed dogs they carry different traits of the different breeds that they are mixed with.

These are the high anxiety breeds of dogs

I am going to provide a list of these breeds so you can make a right decision on what kind of puppy or dog you want.

Affenpinscher, Border Collie, American Pit Bull Terrier, Bichon Frise, Italian Greyhound,  Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, French Bulldog. Fox Terrier, English Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Pomeranian, Poodles, Australian Shephard.

These dogs needs outweigh anything else. Now you can get a crate and keep them in there till you get home and put stuff animals in there for company, but they may be confetti by the time you get home.  Or have a dog sitter be with them but remember your budget you always have to consider that first and for most.


The last but certain not the least alternative is getting them an anxiety compression shirt for dogs. That help a lot better than putting them on anxiety drugs. I would discuss that with a vet first and see what he/she has to say but most likely they will probably recommend to you a compression shirt depending on the severity of the anxiety.  Amazon.com


Talk with your vet

Talk with your vet ask plenty of questions about high anxiety dogs and what the particular issues are. Do your research so you know what you are getting yourself into and you don’t want to go in blindly. You want to know everything about this. You want to be comfortable and having all the facts on this subject.

You don’t want to keep your dog doped up on pills either all the time you want something that is going to keep their energy up and not down. You want the best for your dog or puppy because you may get it is as a puppy or as a dog and you need to know what the deal is.

Some of these breeds are small and some are medium size but then again they can be large dogs too. I just want you to be happy and your pet to be happy.


Remember to adopt from your local shelter. They need love and homes too.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Showing your pets as hobby or as a career

Showing your pets as a hobby or career

Showing you dogs and cats can be a hobby or career. What that means is you can show you cats as household pets but pure breeds dogs and cats that are shown that becomes somewhat of a career for the owners.

Showing a purebred dog or cat means you can win money, ribbons, and trophies. As a purebred dog or cat, you can’t have them spayed or neuter because you are breeding for another generation of that breed.

You can sell the puppies or kitten at a high price meaning that for hundreds or even thousands of dollars you can get for these pets and expand the generation line.

You have to think about this the same way in horse shows the only difference is the horses go for thousands and up in price depending on the owner and what they feel the horse is worth in the line of generations.

That is the whole thing in the nutshell. It is the generation line and who is who in that line.  Meaning the mother and the father and who their parents were and on down the line.

The differences between household and purebreds

Where with household pets category and the mixed breeds category you don’t have to worry about the generation line because there is no generation line to worry about. And besides, you can get them spayed and neuter to prevent and other kittens or puppies from being born.

Now in the cat show, you have the household pets category where you just win the ribbons and a trophy and that is it.  I believe that you only have the purebreds for the dog shows. I don’t ever remember them having a mixed breed category in the AKC show.

The different groups for shows

For you that don’t know what (AKC) stands for it is the American Kennel Club.  For the (CFA) which is the Cat Fanciers Association. These and many more clubs and association hosts these shows to bring these pets into the limelight and see what they can do for their generation line.

It is amazing the people that participate in these clubs and associations which I have nothing against them because I had belonged to the CFA. I had fun and enjoyed myself. We didn’t have the pressure on us as the purebred owners did.

These owners made connections at these shows to get together with each other and possibly breed their cats and or dogs together to see what kind of generation lines would come out. It would be the same breed of course because if they mixed the breeds then that is how you get a mixed breed cat or dog. That would mess up the line then.

They also talk about going to other shows to see how they would do too. You do a lot of traveling for the cat and dog shows across the country. And you do spend the money to do this shows as well.

If you work you would need to take time off even though the shows are on the weekends but you need time to get there and hotel or motels cost food, and the vendors you would want to buy something from them too.

The different trophies and ribbons

There is a lot that goes into these show that the public doesn’t realize. They come and look at your pets and admire them and congratulate you on winning but the work that goes into it is a lot. I know from personal experience.

My cat was adopted from our local shelter of course. Clean him up and started showing him and he won forty-seven ribbons and the Morris the cat trophy. That was a lot of work on our part and his part too.

The stress levels of showing your pets

You also have to realize these pets are handled by the judges in the cat show so their anxiety is high and being under the lights and a strange place that too has a lot to do with their anxiety.

With the dog show, they are only handled by one person being seen by different judges under the hot lights and touch by the judges so basically these pets are under stress as well.

As far as there stress level and anxiety level goes it is running high too. You are just right up there along with them too. Because you are nervous about being chosen and handling your pet they pick up on it and that just drives their sense up.

So you see it can be very fun and exciting but it also can be very stressful too. All I can say is if you choose to show your pets in any kind of show be sure this is what you want to do because like I said it can be a hobby or a career your choice.

I hope that you make it a hobby because you have more fun at it and it can be relaxing at times too.

Remember to adopt from your local shelter. They need love and homes too.

If you have ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more then happy to help you out.




Different toys for cats

The different toys from cats and dogs

How do I start cats are entirely different from dogs, and we all know that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out? Their toys are way different too. They even have something at the end of the stick, and they also have a two in one set for cats now, and you can purchase at Amazon.com.

So if this is your first time with a kitten or a cat you are not sure what to buy for it. You go to the pet store, and you become overwhelmed with all the different items that are available.


The starter kits for your new pets

The sales people are no help they are just out to sell their product. They do try to help but no such luck with that. You get food, and that in its self is overwhelming too. You get the litter pan starter kit which is excellent and you can purchase the whole kit from.  Amazon.com

B0002ASCG2That is a start anyway back to the toys. You look at the toy mice, and that scares you just thinking about having one of those in your house, so you pass on that. Then you look at the balls, but they don’t seem right to you, so you move on that as well.

Then all the other toys are not worth looking at, so you decide not to buy any right now. You start thinking about going on the internet and see what is available there.

You find different options that a better and cheaper than the pet store. You also find food and litter pans too that are cheaper, but you didn’t know so don’t worry about that now.

Keep what you have and look for the toys so other time. You find a better quality of toys, better prices, and they all ship for free. You decided to go ahead and buy different toys that you think that the kitten will play with.

You type in Kong toys for cats because of a friend of your has a dog, and they buy the Kong toys for their furry child, so you decide to try that and see what you come with.

The different toys for cats

You come to find out that they have a better selection of toys for your new kitten. They have stuff animals, catnip toys, an active treat toy, they have tennis balls with bells, that is just to name a few things. You can purchase all these and more at  Amazon.com.



So you start having fun in ordering the different toys and then you remember it is only a baby and cat play with certain toys right now but then again you can order these toys and put them away till the baby gets older.

That is a great idea because now you won’t have to buy any more toys for the cat only because you already did. Now the next question is what to do with all the toys when she is done playing with them. I need something to put the toys in so they are not all over the place.

Toybox for your pets toys

I am going to have to get a basket of some sort to put all these toys in and that way they will be in one place and I can find them. I will find something but I don’t know what. Amazon.com


Once you get the hang of it cats and kittens are pretty easy to buy for. Any furry child is easy to buy for, once you know what you are looking for and what you need for them.

Remember to adopt from your local shelter. They need love and homes too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.





Different toys for different breeds of dogs

Toys for different breeds of dog

Toys for different breeds of dogs. If you stop and think about toys for your furry children you get the regular old toys. Balls, stuffed animals, old socks to play tug of war with them.

You never thought about their size and their weight of the furry child you have. There are toys for different breeds of dogs. I am going to show you examples of the toys for the different breeds of dogs.

This way you know for sure what kind of toys to buy for your furry child and you won’t have problems with them taking your shoes or socks to chew on.

The durable toys for dogs

These toys are durable and they last hopeful depending on how aggressive they are. You just have to be careful about the type of toys you buy. Yes, you could go to the pets store and get toys from there. The salesperson may or may not know what you need for your furry child. Amazon.com


These are the toys that I could recommend for your furry child to play with and it will give you ideas on what to get them. For instances when you buy bones get them the rawhide bones because they are safer and they last longer than other bones.

The rawhide bones good for dogs

The rawhide bones are for the medium to large dogs. For the smaller dogs, you can the smaller rawhide bones for them to chew on. The rawhide bones are a good choice for any dogs to chew on. Amazon.com


The bones will help with cleaning the teeth and keeping them strong as well. I would recommend the Dental Stix for keeping the teeth clean and keeping their breath fresh.

I will tell you it is about $3,000 to take your dog to the vet dentist and that is really expensive if you are living on a budget. So that is well worth getting these bones to save you on dental bills. These bones will keep their teeth clean and their breath smelling fresh all at the same time.

The best toys are the kong

Now I recommend the Kong toys for your furry children because they can be frozen with treats inside of them and you cover the holes with peanut butter and from experience my service dog goes crazy over it.  Amazon.com




There are many Kong toys to choose from it is hard to decide which one to buy. I recommend going through Amazon.com because it will be cheaper than going to a pet store. I know this from experience.

I am going to give you many choices in toys for your furry children to pick from. So no worries about what to get for them. These will give ideas and things to play with them with.

I know that the budget is balanced for you but you can buy one toy at a time and then you will have successfully have many toys for your furry child.

The toybox to keep toys in

I also would recommend a netted laundry bag or a baby toy basket either one will work to put their toys in so they are not all over the place where someone would step on them and possibly hurt themselves. It is cheaper to do it that instead of buying a toy box for them.  Amazon.com


Now, remember you have to go by the size of your furry child so you can get the right toys for them.  This is so fun because you will have toys for your furry child as you do for a toddler running around the house.

This is great to have a furry child because you are giving them a loving home and most of all love them unconditionally and give them plenty of attention. That is what they are looking for and they will bond with you and love you unconditionally.

Remember to adopt from your local shelter. They need love and homes too.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.





How to groom your cat at home

You can bath a cat in water but you have to start out as a kitten so they get used to the water. This way by the time they get older they might like the water. You should not bath a kitten any younger than 3 months and older.

Items you need to groom your pet

Generally, a kitten or cat will wash but if they get into something then you will have to wash them yourself or get a groomer to do it. Generally, cats don’t like water you would need help in bathing your cat. This is what you need.

  • You need a towel to put in the tub so the kitten or cat has something to grab on to while in the water. That way they won’t scratch you.
  • You need someone to help soothe the kitten or cat while in the water so they are not scared.
  •  You need a washcloth to put the soap on so you can wash their head and that way you won’t get any soap in their eyes.
  • You will need cotton balls to put in their ears so no water gets in their ears.
  • You will need a comb or brush after you towel dries the kitten or cat. No hair dryer because that will scare them and then they will scratch you.
  • You will need Q-tips to do their ears, and scissor type clipper to clip their nails. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that and if you can afford it take it to a groomer.

I realize that you do need a lot of things to bath a kitten or a cat but like I said if you don’t feel comfortable bathing your kitten or cat then take it to a groomer.

Usually, a vet will do the ears and nails for you if you ask them to. If not get a groomer to do that.

Do it yourself bathing your cat or kitten

I have personally wash my cats when they were kittens and the did not like it except my male did not give me to much trouble but my female she didn’t like it at all.

I did everything myself because I have shown my cats before and that is what we did. So I knew how to do it without a problem. When I started to show cats I had eight cats, not at one time but I had shown four at a time.

I had shown them in the household division because they had to be neuter or spayed. It was fun and very interesting. You got to meet a lot of people and learn from them.

The majority of them were showing purebreds because they were breeding them to continue the line of succession. That was a lot to do with purebreds too much work because you had to find the male to breed with your female. I just had mixed breed cats which were okay with me.

That is how you bath a kitten or cat.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Dog grooming tips for at home


Grooming your dog at home is fun

Grooming your dog at home is fun and could very frustrating to do. If you have a shower with a removable shower head that is the easiest way to do it. If you don’t want to use your shower then get a child’s swimming pool and bath your dog that way.

If you have a special area with a shower like an outdoor shower then you could use that too. I would be the easiest area to use but like I said you have options on where you would give your furry child a bath.

I will tell you this if your furry child doesn’t get in the water that much you are going to get a bath with him or her. Now if your furry child likes the water then you should have no problem giving him or her a bath then.

Working on a budget

Remember we are working on a budget if you can afford to do this then take your furry child to a groomer that is good. The best way to find out is through word of mouth and if not then check out your pet stores and see if they know someone or even your vet may know someone that is good.

The items you need to bath your dog

Then you would need shampoo, a comb, and a brush and plenty of towels to dry him or her off. You may even be able to use a hair dryer on your furry child.

Now if you want to cut their hair if it is too long or has knots then you need a good pair of scissors to do the job. Comb or brush their hair and check for knots because they get them too. Just be careful with the scissors they may not like that part.


They like getting their hairbrush as long as it is not a wire brush. You have to get a bristle brush or something like a human brush. Make sure you have a toy that they could play with or a treat for being good something to keep them relaxed while you are doing this.

They will enjoy bath time when you allow them to have something while you are brushing them out and give them a lot of praise too. You can’t for that praise that is just as important as a treat or a toy.

After the bath items to use

After their bath, you can pretty them up by putting ribbons or bandana on them depending on if they are a boy or girl. So I gave you a couple of ideas for your furry children after their bath.

After they get their bath they will probably go right to the bed and go to sleep for a while. Just be careful you will get a bath with them no matter how you do it. So have a change of clothes for yourself ready and before you go into the shower yourself.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.




All kinds of cat breeds

These are long hair cats. You can tell by their fir length. They are cute and fluffy. But these cats need to be brushed every day or every other day so they don’t get matted fur.

This is a short hair, Blue Russian. Even though they look gray under the cat breeds they are called Blue Russians.

I am going to give you the long hair cats and short hair breeds and then you can choose which one best fits your household.

For the Long Hair Cats

The long hair cat breeds are Angora, Turkish, Maine Coon, Persian Longhair, Peke-Face Persian, Colourpoint Longhair Himalayan, Birman, Balinese/Javanese, Cymric (Longhair Manx), Somali Longhair Abyssinian,

These are just some of the longhair breeds there are other I just wanted to put a few to give you an idea of the longhair breeds.

For the Short Hair Cats 

The short hair cat breeds are British/European Shorthair, Chartreux, American/Domestic Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, American Wirehair, Manx, Japanese Bobtail, Scottish Fold, Abyssinian, Egyptian Mau, Ocicat, Russian Blue, Korat, Burmese, Bombay, Siamese, Colorpoint Shorthair, Tonkinese, Havana Brown, Oriental/Foreign Shorthair, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex.

I have the descriptions of all these types of cats if you have any questions please feel free to ask me and I will give the descriptions of these breeds.

There are so many different breeds of cats that I only got these breeds because these are the most popular breeds of cats around.

Now you also have the mixed breed cats but I don’t have that list available at this time. I will get that list and included on this post.

There are so many pretty marked cats in this world and if I could adopt all of them I would. But I can’t because I don’t have the means to raise all those cats.

Also, remember that when you get a male cat he can only hold two colors at a time, but you can get lucky and get a male cat that has three colors it is rare for that to happen but it does.

I know from experience because at this time I have a male cat that is gray, white, and cream it is a fluke that he has all three colors. His sister is a calico cat and she is dark gray,  white, and cream.

So there you have it many cats come in different colors and different breeds and we can’t forget the mixed breeds.

If you have any questions or comments leave them at the bottom and I will be happy to help you out.



All kinds of dog breeds


Different size dogs

There are all kinds of breeds and sizes of dogs in the world. It is the preference of what kind breed and size of dog that you are looking for. You have the purebreds and mixed breeds.

You have teacup size, small, medium, large and XL large size dogs. It all depends on you and what you want. The teacup size is petite they can fit into your pocket. Small size dogs that are good for apartments.

That is if they allow pets, you may have to pay an extra amount of money to have a pet in the apartment. I would recommend a small dog or a medium dog for an apartment.

Only because apartments are not that big, to begin with, and you don’t have a lot of room in an apartment.  So you have to be careful about the type of dog you get.

For small size breeds to medium size breeds is as follows.

For your small breeds

Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Pug, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle, Bichon Frise, Lhasa Apso, Cairn Terrier, Bolognese, Scottish Terrier.

These are dogs they don’t shed

Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Lhasa Apso, Cairn Terrier, Bolognese, Scottish Terrier.

These are dogs that shed the least

Maltese, Austrailian Terrier, Lowchen, Standard Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier.

These are some of the breeds of Hounds

Greyhound, Beagle, Dachshund, Rhodesia Ridgebach. These are just to name some of the hounds.

For you large breeds

Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees, Bullmastiff, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, Labrador Retriever, German Shephard, Golden Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, Siberian Husky, Bulldog, French Bulldog. There are more large breed dogs but this is just to name some of them.

These are large dogs that don’t shed

Airedale Terrier, Bouvier Des Flandres, Saluki to name a few of large dogs that don’t shed.

These are medium dogs that don’t shed

Tibetan Terrier, Irish Terrier, and Lowchen to name a few medium dogs that don’t shed

So you now have something to go on from the breeds of dogs that I have mentioned I will be adding more dog breeds real soon.  And don’t forget about your mixed breeds they are the special ones of all.

This is a black labrador puppy he is so cute but remembers he will grow up to be a large dog.

I am saying this choose carefully on the puppy or dog you want because I don’t want to see any more pets put into the shelters they are overcrowded as it is.


If you have any questions or comments leave them on the bottom and I  will be happy to help you out.





Medications for your dog or cat

Different medications for different diseases

There are so many different medications for your pets today from what the vet prescribes for Flea and Tick, Heartworm Medication, Pain, Joint, Skin Coat, Vitamins, Dental, and Ear for both dogs and cats.

The medications are for any diseases from Allergy Relief, Antibiotics, Antifungal. Anxiety, Asthma, Compound Medications, Cough Relief, Digestive Support & Enzymes, Diuretics, Heart &  Blood Pressure, Hormonal Endocrine, Incontinence, Insulin & Diabetes, Nausea & Motion Sickness, Pain, Seizure & Epilepsy, Thyroid Medication, Urinary Tract & Kidney, and Wormers.

That is a lot of medications for both dogs and cats but in reality, they can get the same disease we humans can get and that is fact. Their medication can add up too to cost just as much as ours if not more.

We as humans don’t really think that our pets can get sick as we do, but there comes the reality check again. They can and they do get sick as we do, and there really isn’t anything we can do about that except continue to take care of them.

For as long as we can keep them as comfortable as possible. They are going to have their good days and bad days like the rest of us do. We have to take it as it comes and when it comes.

Making the choice of life and death

It is hard for us as pet parents to see them suffer and then we have to make the ultimate decision the hardest decision ever. We don’t want to because we love them so but we have to do it in their best interest.

We don’t know even how they get these disease, to begin with. All we know is that they get them and we have to understand that we can’t turn our backs on them because they are just as scared as we are if not more.

They don’t know what’s happening they just know that they are at the doctors and getting pinch and poked and that is all they maybe understand.

We as pet parents have to be there for them as they would be there for us in our time of need. This is just to give you some idea of what our pets medication entails as far as for what diseases they have.

If you have any questions or comments leave them on the bottom and I will be happy to help you out.